Asos to offer staff flexible work and paid leave for menopause and pregnancy loss

Asos is set to offer its staff a sweeping support package which includes paid time off and flexible work for “health-related life events.”

The new company policy covers fertility treatment, cancer treatment, gender reassignment surgery, and escaping domestic violence.

Employees that go through menopause will now have “the ability to work flexibly, take short notice leave or request to work from home,” the company said.

Any staff member that is dealing with loss of pregnancy which includes abortion or miscarriage will also be able to take up to 10 days of paid leave, which applies to either the individual, a partner or surrogate.

Staff dealing with pregnancy loss such as abortion or miscarriage will be able to take up to 10 days of paid leave, applying to both the individual who was pregnant, their partner, and a surrogate if applicable.

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The fashion retailer says the policy recognizes “that the impact and grief of pregnancy loss is felt by individuals, couples and families as well as the biological mother.”

Asos workers suffering from health-related and other life events including cancer treatment, gender reassignment, surgery and fleeing domestic violence are offered up to six weeks of paid leave.

For staff members who are undergoing fertility treatment will be given additional paid leave of five days per cycle, according to the company.

“Fertility procedures can be highly intrusive and often grueling,” Asos said.

“They can take their toll physically, emotionally and mentally.”

All of the policies come into effect on Thursday, applying to over 3,800 employees, most are based in the UK.

Asos chief executive Nick Beighton added: “All of us face unexpected challenges in life, and sometimes these can create very difficult circumstances which mean we need to step away from or change how we work.”

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