Lululemon launches wellbeing program

Lululemon has announced it is launching its Centre for Social Impact, to aid over 10 million people globally by 2025.

The fitness brand has committed to investing $75 million into equitable wellbeing programs including The Girls Opportunity Alliance, The National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), as well as The Trevor Project.

It said that it will invest in removing barriers through philanthropy, research, and advocacy to support physical, mental, and social wellbeing across its local and global communities.

The Centre will further consolidate the company’s existing social impact programs

“At Lululemon, we believe everyone has the right to be well and we know the path to wellbeing is possible when tools, support, and resources are accessible to all,” Lulule,on vice president of social impact Esther Speck said.

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“Through Lululemon’s Centre for Social Impact, we will leverage our expertise, resources, and communities to advocate for the wellbeing of those most impacted by systemic inequity around the world.”

The Vancouver-based athleisure brand has also launched an annual Global Wellbeing report as well as mental health first aid training for the company’s employees as part of the “Here to Be” initiative.

Since launching its Here to Be program in 2016, Here to Be has supported over 750 non-profit organisations with grants amounting to $25 million.

Its separate Peace on Purpose program has also provided thousands of UN workers with mindfulness and self-care tools for their physical and mental health since 2019.

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