Tesco Clubcard members could be losing out on points due to error

Tesco Clubcard members could be losing out on loyalty points and lower prices because of a flaw linked to digital payments.

Customers who use the Clubcard app are most at risk of missing out on points and discounts, according to The Mirror.

Shoppers took to Twitter to complain about the error, saying that they have been missing out on cheaper prices.

“Did you know that the Tesco Clubcard Credit Card doesn’t add points to your clubcard account if used with Apple Pay? Please fix! Thx!,” one wrote.

Another tweeted: “But one of the big selling points for their credit card is that you get Clubcard points on every transaction. No you don’t… not with Apple Pay.”

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Tesco responded by telling its customers that Apple Pay is “not set up to recognise our incentive scheme”, despite claiming the complete opposite on its website.

The website claims that when using Apple Pay you’ll collect points “as normal”.

On Apple’s FAQs page, it says that customers must “swipe your Clubcard before you pay to get your points as well”.

The grocer added: “When a customer uses a Tesco Bank credit card in a Tesco store they collect points both for their shopping, and for paying with their Tesco Bank card.

“If this is done using Apple Pay, customers must also first tap their Clubcard at the till to ensure they receive all their points, and any discounts.



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