Getir looks to franchise its network of dark stores in the UK

Getir has proposed a franchise model in the UK for its growing network of dark stores.

The rapid delivery grocer is seeking franchise holders to invest between £140,000 to £205,000 depending on the size of the dark store in question.

The franchise holders will undertake the responsibility of picking staff and couriers as well as the day-to-day running of the store location.

Getir has said it hopes to switch “as many as possible” of its 75 dark stores in the UK over to franchises.

The company has promised a return on investment within two or three years or “or even sooner based on the efficiency and speed of your store,” The Grocer reported.

Franchises will receive “the premises, lease, staff and stock all included” as part of their investment according to documents.

“Our technology will support you in your growth, help you strive for high numbers of orders and we’ll even guarantee you an income during your startup and growth,” Getir has told would-be franchisees.

“We’re so confident in our business model that even once you’re established, we’ll guarantee a baseline income.”

Getir will handle the replenishment side of the business as well as the local marketing while franchises take on the last mile fulfilment.

“When you have small business owners operating these stores, it’s a great way to bring the local community in the picture, people who know the neighbourhood, know who to hire, and will manage it much better because they’re physically there all the time. It’s a model we know works well,” Getir UK general manager Turancan Salur told The Grocer.

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Getir has been using a franchise model in its home country of Turkey for the previous five years, having 560 franchisees across the nation.

The company has franchised its first dark store in the UK last month, it running a dark store in central London.

While the model aids the company’s expansion, its main purpose was to improve dark store performance and customer service levels, Salur added.

“The most important aspect is when you have people who are running their own business, they’re very motivated and incentivised to do well,” he said.

“Everyone wants to succeed, no one wants to fail, and it’s a point of pride for a lot of people. They do a better job managing and hiring people and making sure everything’s in top notch shape compared to others, because it’s their company.

“It’s operationally more efficient and it means we get a better service for the customer,” Salur added.

Salur was quick to stress that “all the things that make Getir special” would remain the same, including the use of electric vehicles and a statutory wage for its employees.

Franchisees are being sought in London, Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool, Bristol, Brighton, Cardiff, Cambridge, Southampton, Nottingham and Portsmouth.

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