Getir sues advertising agency for not placing enough ads on London taxis

Getir has sued its advertising agency, Enjoy Media, for over £671,328 after it allegedly placed fewer adverts on London taxis than was agreed.

The lawsuit, which was filed last month by Getir’s UK division, pointed out the high stakes in the rapid grocery delivery market.

The Istanbul-based startup, which has raised nearly $1 billion this year, started out in 2015 in its native country and promises to deliver groceries 10 minutes or less.

Since its inception it has expanded across Europe and plans to venture into the US soon.

Getir’s UK operations stated in January and embarked on a blitz on the last mile delivery space with its distinctive purple and yellow merchandise and advertising boards found on London buses and taxis.

The company commissioned Enjoy Media to advertise the brand across London’s transport network.

Enjoy Media subcontracted with another company, the lawsuit claimed.

Getir’s UK manager started to complain in July that the advertising agency was placing fewer advertisements on the side of London black cabs than were anticipated.

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Over a period of six weeks in the summer, four Getir employees took 2,000 photos of UK taxis in the UK capital as part of a wider effort to spot taxis covered by the deal with the ad agency that didn’t show Getir’s branding.

The staff members found 168 taxis that were “non-compliant” however claimed that the true number could be potentially be much higher.

The total number of taxis included in the deal between the companies was 737.

Four of the black cabs that were spotted by Getir workers even carried adverts of the company’s direct competitors, according to the lawsuit.

“[Enjoy Media] directly helped Getir’s competitors, Gorillas and Zapp, in advertising their services,” it alleged.

Enjoy Media is yet to file a defence in court however its lawyer, Ozan Askin said it would: “defend the claim and its interests robustly.”

“We shall be applying to the court to bring in a third party into this claim.

“The proceedings are in their infancy, and we are therefore unable to comment any further at this stage,”

A Getir spokesperson added: “Getir UK Limited can confirm that it has brought a claim against Enjoy Media Limited for breach of contract with a view to achieving a positive and fair resolution in due course.”

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