Toymakers switch focus to soft toys to fit more onboard “widely expensive” shipping containers

Toymakers are resorting to focussing on shipping more soft toys this holiday season in order to fit more in shipping containers, according to CNN.

This is down to the limited space on shipping containers and the increased price of using them.

Basic Fun chief executive Jay Foreman told CNN he was struggling to find affordable space on shipping containers as it was “wildly expensive.”

He said that, in other years, the company could ship whatever it wanted, but this year it needed to find a solution, and decided to embrace soft toys.

“It’s a simple case of how much sales volume fits in the container when containers are hard to come by,” he said,

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Foreman added that for smaller soft toys, “the packages are the size of a golf ball.”

Home decor and bedding company Yogibo has also resorted to focusing more on shipping smaller soft toys instead of larger, bedding products.

Company chief executive Eyal Levy said: “they take up much less space and offer a higher value for the same amount of volume.”

The supply chain crisis has impacted almost every market, however toys have been one of the worst affected categories by the chain crisis.

MGA International, one of the world’s largest toymakers, said it is spending around $20,000 on a single shipping container when previously it would have cost $2,000.

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