Amazon calls for cooperation from governments in order to combat counterfeit goods

Amazon has called on businesses and governments to work together in order to curb the sale of counterfeit goods.

The ecommerce giant’s counterfeit unit has said that consumers deserve to get authentic products and that the entire retail industry must step up in order to protect customers.

Its counterfeit unit was launched last year to help hold counterfeits accountable through the courts and law enforcement.

Amazon has built a robust method of protecting its marketplace from criminals and bad products including machine learning and expert human investigators.

The company has also developed industry-leading tools for brands including brand registry, Project Zero and transparency so they can parter with Amazon to help ensure that only authentic goods are sold on the marketplace.

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This has led to a trustworthy experience of shoppers on the Amazon marketplace where less than 0.01 per cent of products sold received a counterfeit complaint from a buyer last year.

Fake goods remains a widely recognised retail-industry issue all around the world with the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) estimating that counterfeit goods make up 2.5 per cent of world trade, equating to £342 billion.

Amazon has a good track record of banning merchants that sell counterfeit goods on its marketplace.

In 2020 it received a tip of earbud cases that were using the Champion logo without permission, it then immediately quarantined the counterfeiter’s additional inventory in their fulfillment network and terminated their accounts.

The Amazon Counterfeit Crimes Unit then worked with the rights owner, HanesBrands, to sue the 13 counterfeiters in US courts.

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