DPD unveils Wayve partnership to launch fleet data collection pilot


DPD has partnered with autonomous urban mobility company Wayve to launch a fleet data collection pilot. 

The partnership aims to  explore how innovations in computer vision and machine learning can be applied to existing fleet and delivery operations, increasing the safety of smart urban delivery solutions.

The program will deploy data-collection devices on 50 DPD vans across Greater London, allowing Wayve to gather driving data from vans during their regular driving operations.  

Wayve’s camera system is powered by 4G connectivity and provides a 360-degree surround view of the vehicle, without hindering the driver. 

The company has been developing its AI-driven autonomous mobility technology over the past four years and has engaged in on-road testing in cities across the UK.

The collaboration will help DPD enhance fleet safety and improve its ability to capture, process and manage driving data. 

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“We are excited to collaborate with Wayve, an industry leader in AI and machine learning, as we continue to explore the use of cutting-edge technologies to support our Insurance and Risk teams,” DPD UK insurance and risk manager Andrew Morgan said. 

“Through this pilot, we aim to learn how advanced vision-based technologies can be applied to enhance the safety of our fleet for drivers, and other road users.”

Wayve CEO Alex Kendall added: “Real-world driving data is fundamental to building the core capabilities of Wayve’s technology and we have built industry-leading expertise in the collection and utilisation of fleet-scale data,” 

“Working with DPD is an incredible opportunity to accelerate the collection of peta-byte scale datasets that expand our coverage in more areas of the UK and helps us improve the safety and driving intelligence of our technology.”

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