Alibaba Group unveils new AI meeting assistant Tingwu

The Alibaba Group has announced the launch of an AI-powered meeting assistant, Tingwu.

Tingwu operates by converting the content of spoken meetings into written minutes in real time, with up to 98 per cent accuracy. 

The technology uses DAMO’s proprietary algorithms for analysing voiceprints and can distinguish between the voices of as many as 10 meeting participants. 

Tingwu organises the meeting minutes by keywords, generates summaries and follow ups and can recognise English, Mandarin and 14 Chinese dialects. 

The AI assistant is also built with a smart microphone, easily receiving and recognising speech within a 10 metre range. 

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“Underpinned by our end-to-end speech recognition solution, Tingwu’s accuracy and powerful features make it a perfect tool for businesses to host multi-location online and offline conferences and interviews,” Alibaba DAMO Academy head of speech lab Zhijie Yan said. 

“As enterprises continue to embrace the next generation of remote working, Tingwu is well-positioned to transform business meetings with productive and easy-to-use automated voice transcription capabilities.

Yan added: “The functionality of Tingwu will continue to expand, as we are now developing a model that can process mixed-language speech. 

“We will also explore additional language options to prepare Tingwu for use in large multinational corporations and overseas markets.”

The news comes as Alibaba announced plans to stop selling all cryptocurrency mining equipment as the Chinese government prepares to impose a sweeping ban on digital currency trading.

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