Tesco online outage a bad sign for its GetGo store according to experts

Tesco’s recent app and website outage spells trouble for the grocer’s new checkout-free store, according to data and analytics company GlobalData.

The outage, which left customers struggling to shop for groceries or track orders, began on Saturday morning and continued into Sunday.

The outage was fixed by Monday with a spokesperson saying: “Our online grocery website and app are now back up and running.

“Our teams have worked around the clock to restore service, and we’re really sorry to our customers for the inconvenience caused.”

The grocery giant said the problem was due to an attempt to “interfere” with its systems, but added there was “no reason” to believe customer data was affected.

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GlobalData analyst Jemima Walker added: “Tesco’s app and website outage should be a warning to all retail stores to get to grips with cyber security as the industry moves towards digitalisation.”

“The hacking attempt of the UK’s largest food and grocery retailer shows how important cyber security is to the future of retail, not just online channels, as customers access Tesco’s new checkout-free store in Holborn via a mobile app.”

Tesco opened its first ever autonomous supermarket in London to compete with Amazon’s high-tech assault on the high street earlier this month.

The new store location gives customers the opportunity to shop and pay for items without visiting a checkout, offering a more seamless experience similar to Amazon Fresh.

Tesco “GetGo” requires customers to sign in via the Tesco.com app before doing their normal shop and walking out without needing to pay via a till point.

A hybrid system including cameras and weights are used to identify what a customer has picked up off the shelf before charging them through the app once they have left the store.

“While retailers using checkout free technology will face disruption from cyber attacks, customer data is also at risk,” Walker added.

“Therefore, retailers looking to get involved in the checkout-free race need to ensure their cyber security standards are high enough. Simply implementing the technology isn’t enough.”



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