Shopify partners with Microsoft to bring new product listings


Shopify has announced its partnership with Microsoft to bring product listings from over 1.7 million merchants to Microsoft Bing, Microsoft Edge and the newly launched news service Microsoft Start. 

Shopify products will now be listed in the shopping tab on Bing and Edge. 

Customers will be able to purchase these products via the shopping tab on Bing, securely and quickly. 

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Shopify’s integration with Microsoft will also allow merchants to create new ad campaigns and view marketing performance via real-time reports in their Shopify store.

The company revealed that they had future “shopping enhancements” planned, but did not provide further details.

“We’re excited to launch our integration with Shopify, introducing more merchants to our high-intent shopping customers and creating long-lasting relationships,” Microsoft said in a statement. 

The news comes as Microsoft recently announced a partnership with Spotify, allowing artists to sell merchandise through their Spotify profiles, while the company has also been collaborating with TikTok on various ecommerce experiences.

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