Walmart takes swipe at Amazon’s Whole Foods delivery price increase

Walmart has taken a swipe at Amazon’s recent Whole Foods grocery delivery price hike by offering its customers cash back when they sign up to its Walmart+ service.

Amazon recently added $9.95 to the price of grocery deliveries from its Whole Foods stores.

Walmart responded by sending its customers an email reading: “You may have heard that starting today, one grocery delivery service will start charging its customers $9.95 for every single delivery…

That’s why, today only, Walmart is announcing that new customers who sign up for Walmart+, the membership that helps them save more time and money, will get $9.95 back.

Because customers deserve a grocery delivery service that won’t leave a Whole in their wallet for delivery fees — whoops, typo.”

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Vision First chief executive Patricia Vekich Waldron said: “It’s a clever campaign for Walmart that will sway some new subscribers — ones who shop both brands and potentially a few net-new who want to lock-in for free delivery.”

Walmart customers who signed up on October 25 for Walmart’s subscription service were eligible for the $9.95 back.

The annual fee for Walmart+ works out at $98 a year and also includes free grocery delivery from local stores at the same price that customers pay in-store.

Customer can also receive free shipping without a minimum purchase, discounts on fuel and prescription medicines.

Walmart is looking to give consumers who shop online at both Amazon and its site a reason to give its subscription service a try instead of Amazon’s Prime equivalent.

Around 35 per cent of US consumers shop on Amazon but not Walmart, whereas only nine per cent shop on Walmart’s site exclusively, according to Jungle Scout.



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