Amazon accused of misleading customers over delivery dates

Amazon has been accused of misleading its customers by moving delivery times to a later date once the customer has gone through to checkout.

Users who click the ‘buy now’ option do not get an option to bring forward their delivery dates, which has angered Prime users.

A number of complaints were registered by independent issue resolution service, Resolver.

Some of the complaints have said that the ecommerce giant must be more transparent when it comes to offering delivery dates, especially amid the ongoing supply chain crisis.

Others have suggested that there is a ranking for delivery urgency within the business model.

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The complaints have come at the same time as the Royal Mail urging online shoppers to place their Christmas orders as soon as possible to avoid any possible snags in the supply chain.

Amazon responded to the claims and stated that they do “present a variety of delivery options”, dismissing any intentional duping.

The company has been under fire before for similar issues, in 2018 the company’s one-day delivery advert was banned by regulators after it was found to be misleading.

The Advertising Standards Authority received 280 complaints from mainly Prime customers who had said they had not received their package within 24 hours.

It said the ad “must not appear again in its current form” and Amazon must make clear that “a significant proportion” of Prime items were not available for next-day delivery.



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