British shoppers far less patient than Europeans, report reveals

UK shoppers have much less patience than Europeans and brands could see customers switching to competitors if supply chain issues persist, according to a new report by ChannelAdvisor. 

The report surveyed over 3000 online shoppers from across the UK, France, and Germany. 

When asked if they would wait for an item to come back in stock, 81 per cent of UK consumers said their first response would be to purchase a similar product from a different brand, with 77 per cent of French and 62 per cent of German shoppers saying they would go to other retailers. 

ChannelAdvisor also revealed that British shoppers are more likely to embrace the post-covid rise in ecommerce, with more than half saying they are shopping online more frequently than pre-covid compared to 42 per cent of German shoppers and 40 per cent of French consumers.

The research also found that 47 per cent of UK shoppers say they are purchasing more from Amazon post-covid, with 59 per cent saying they are planning to buy the majority of festive purchases through the online retailer.

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“The pandemic led British shoppers to become increasingly savvy around e-commerce and this has been a lifeline for many brands selling online,” ChannelAdvisor EMEA managing director Vladi Shlesman said. 

“However, this also means that consumers are all too aware that there’s an enormous number of sales avenues available to them and if a brand can’t provide a product in a timely fashion, they’ll see shoppers eagerly spend money with a competitor. 

“Brands will need to watch stock supply more closely than ever in the lead up to this Christmas, ensuring inventory is available to early festive shoppers, for the intense shopping activity during Cyber Five and for last-minute buyers. 

“Those brands that will thrive this year will already be reviewing last year’s sales to identify top sellers and evaluate new styles or product lines that may be popular during the peak season.”

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