Amazon sued for life-changing crashes caused by ‘unrealistic’ expectations of drivers


Amazon Logistics, the company’s delivery arm, has been named in at least 119 motor vehicle accident lawsuits this year, according to a report from Bloomberg

In one particularly high-profile lawsuit, 24 year old Ans Rana filed a complaint in state court in Georgia claiming that an Amazon driver was responsible for a life-altering car accident which left him paralysed and suffering major brain injuries. 

The accident happened earlier this year, when Rana was in the back seat of his brother’s stationary Tesla when an Amazon delivery van rear-ended the vehicle. 

The once-aspiring doctor spent months on a ventilator, is now restricted to a motorised wheelchair and it is unlikely he will walk again or regain control of his arms. 

According to the report, Amazon has claimed it cannot be legally culpable because the driver in question worked for Harper Logistics, a service partner that the company uses for shipping. 

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Rana’s lawsuit is focused on exposing the algorithms, devices and apps the ecommerce giant uses to run and track its extensive logistics operation – including its external service partners. 

The lawsuit being put forward by Rana’s attorney explains how Amazon closely monitors delivery drivers’ every move including “backup monitoring, speed, braking, acceleration, cornering, seatbelt usage, phone calls, texting, in-van cameras that use artificial intelligence to detect for yawning and more.” 

In addition, it claims if drivers fall behind schedule, Amazon employees send text messages “complaining that a certain driver is ‘behind the rabbit’ and needs to be ‘rescued’ to ensure that all the packages on Amazon’s route are delivered in compliance with Amazon’s unrealistic and dangerous speed expectations.” 

However, Amazon is requesting that this technological information be sealed by the courts and kept private, claiming that it qualifies as protected trade secrets. 

If these details are released, they could be central in informing further complaints and lawsuits against Amazon Logistics. 

Charged has contacted Amazon Logistics for comment.

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  • Amazon needs to be broken up in the name of Distributism. It’s far too big, tax dodging and corrupt. And if it was given a fine of £1bn, it would be nothing for them to pay it.


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