Shein suppliers have been accused of breaking labour laws

Shein suppliers are allegedly making their employees work excessive hours, according to an investigation by Public Eye.

Employees in six locations in the region of Guangzhou were discovered to be working 75 hours each week according to the investigation by the advocacy group.

Public Eye, which is known for its investigations into Swiss companies and their overseas dealings, visited 17 factories that supply Shein products and spoke to 10 workers.

At the time of the investigation, the factory sites were only receiving orders from the fast fashion giant.

Workers told Public Eye that they were clocking three shifts per day and were only given one day a month off.

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The number of hours that were being worked were said to violate local labour laws which permit an eight-hour day and a 40-hour week.

“Upon learning of the report, we immediately requested a copy and when we receive and review the report, we will initiate an investigation,” A Shein spokesperson said.

“We have a strict supplier code of conduct which includes stringent health and safety policies and is in compliance with local laws. If non-compliance is identified we will take immediate action.”

Many fast fashion giants are coming under increased scrutiny surrounding working practises and supply chain ethics.

Shein rival Boohoo was recently caught up in a scandal around the working conditions of some of its factories in Leicester.

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