Burberry partners with electric motorcycle manufacturer to release limited edition bike

Burberry has announced it is partnering with DAB Motors, an exclusive electric motorcycle named the Concept-E RS Burberry Edition, as part of a limited-edition collection curated by Riccardo Tisci.

The collectible motorcycle is designed to not make a noise or smell and doesn’t emit any emissions.

The bike has been built entirely at DAB Motor’s factory in France, using sustainable construction methods, the company said in a press release.

The localised manufacturing model generates less waste and had a lower carbon footprint when compared to the usual manufacturing methods used by traditional motorcycle makers.

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DAB Motors uses industry-leading aeronautical manufacturing to prolong the bike’s lifecycle, further lowering the bike’s impact on the planet.

The bike has been built to be “agile, fun to ride and has a lighter footprint on our planet,” Burberry added.

It is also in keeping with its commitment to innovate and go beyond in finding more sustainable ways to conduct its business.

The Concept-E design is the first street-legal version of the brand’s electric concept motorcycle and can be purchased in two colour ways with the bespoke logo, a handstiched monogram saddle made out of Burberry’s best leather and customisable handlebars.

Customers are able to purchase the limited edition bike through the DAB Motors site.

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