Amazon workers plan worldwide Black Friday strike as part of ‘Make Amazon Pay’ campaign

Amazon employees in 20 countries are preparing to strike on Black Friday as part of the ‘Make Amazon Pay’ campaign, to demand better working conditions. 

The ‘Make Amazon Pay’ coalition, which includes over 70 trade unions, environmentalists, tax watchdogs and civil society organisations such as Greenpeace, Oxfam and Amazon Workers International, will take action on November 26. 

Employees across the company, from “oil refineries, to factories, to warehouses, to data centres, to corporate offices” are expected to participate in the event.

“The pandemic has exposed how Amazon places profits ahead of workers, society, and our planet,” the coalition wrote in a list of demands on their website. 

“Amazon takes too much and gives back too little. It is time to Make Amazon Pay.”

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Make Amazon Pay’s demands include increased wages, paid sick leave, adequate break time and “suspending the harsh productivity and surveillance regime Amazon has used to squeeze workers.”

The coalition also urged the ecommerce giant to improve its sustainability efforts by committing to zero emissions by 2030, stopping the sponsoring of climate change denial and “ending all custom Amazon Web Services contracts for fossil fuel companies to accelerate oil and gas extraction.” 

“Amazon is not alone in these bad practices but it sits at the heart of a failed system that drives the inequality, climate breakdown, and democratic decay that scar our age,” Make Amazon Pay states in its demands.

The news comes as Amazon was recently fined $500,000 by the state of California for hiding the number of Covid-19 cases from employees, leaving them “terrified and powerless.”

The pandemic reportedly increased the net worth of Amazon founder and billionaire Jeff Bezos by $24bn (£19bn) as consumers gravitated towards online shopping.

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  • Careful what you wish for! Amazon has the technology and money to develop fully-automated processes for a majority of its business. Over-thinking humans can be replaced by unemotive machines. Amazon are not the only employer, if you’re unhappy, move on.


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