Beijing to crack down on celebrity-produced content and influencer culture

China’s cyberspace regulator is poised to crackdown on influencer culture and celebrity-produced content online, according to state media reports.

Under the new guidelines from the Office of the Central Cyberspace Affairs Commission, any content that is produced by celebrities that endorses “products, services, brands or for-profit events” must be clearly marked as adverts when appearing on any online platform.

The regulator has also warned celebrities that if they break the new rules or fall short of social morality codes will be subjected to an “internet-wide boycott”, though no details were released on how this could be enforced, or by who.

Beijing is also attempting to clampdown on “irrational acts of idol-worship” with the new laws, meaning that any content deemed to be so being removed from the country’s internet.

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Punishments for those who publish content that fits into these categories were not detailed just yet

Chinese ecommerce sites heavily rely on creator content during annual events including Singles’ Day, which generates huge sums of money for sites such as Alibaba and

It remains to be seen if the new guidelines published by Office of the Central Cyberspace Affairs Commission will have a negative knock-on effect for such brands.

The new laws come as part of a widespread effort by Beijing to curb the influences of Big Tech in search of President Xi Jinping’s vision for “common prosperity”.

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