Online shopping gets people’s hearts pounding more than social media, report reveals


The thrill, excitement and stress involved in online shopping gets people’s hearts racing more than social media, according to a new study from Currys. 

The research revealed that shoppers’ heart rates increased by an average of 4.9 per cent when online shopping, compared with just 2.7 per cent when browsing social media. 

In addition, online shopping was given a stress rating of four out of 10, whilst social media was scored just three out of 10, whilst women reportedly enjoy online shopping more than men, despite their heart rates raising 3.4 per cent more than their male counterparts when doing so.

The data also showed that older people are the most likely to experience a significant increase in their heart rate when completing an online shopping task, with BPM going up by 5.5 per cent, compared to an average of 4.9 per cent across all age-groups. 

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Older shoppers also took 22.7 per cent longer to find their desired item, 7 mins 12 secs, than the average of all ages, five minutes and 42 secs, and 44 per cent longer than the 26-34-year-old participants, four minutes 36 secs. 

Despite online shopping having a profound emotional reaction and raising heart rates, 60 per cent of shoppers resoundingly prefer ecommerce to shopping in store, rating their overall experience of shopping online a 6.1/10. 

However, the research identified a number of obstacles customers encounter when online shopping, including not being able to assess the quality of a product before buying it, spending hours browsing due to an overwhelming amount of choice, incorrect sizing, inaccurate imagery and waiting for deliveries. 

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