Wish banned from France on the grounds it flouts “product safety regulations”

Wish is to be removed from French search engines and app stores after the French government claimed the US ecommerce platform was flouting “product safety regulations”.

The announcement comes as a huge blow to Wish just before Black Friday and the Christmas holidays.

While the app will be removed from both the Google Play Store and the App Store and the results pages on Google and Bing, the site will still be able to be accessed by typing the URL directly into the browser search bar.

Despite this, not appearing search results is disastrous for the platform’s online presence and visibility.

“The dereferencing of Wish offers from search engines and that of its app considerably reduces the risk of a consumer stumbling upon offers of dangerous products on its site,” French secretary of state for Digital Cédric O said.

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The government was particularly concerned by the findings related to certain product categories.

Of the toys and electrical devices inspected, 95 per cent were found to be non-compliant, with 45 per cent of the toys and 90 per cent of the appliances deemed dangerous.

Wish was also deemed to be unsatisfactory when it came to complying with obligations as a distributor, in terms of its product withdrawals and recalls.

France’s economy minister Bruno Le Maire added: “This decision illustrates the government’s action to protect consumers and effectively fight against unfair competition from economic operators [who] flout product safety regulations.”

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