Amazon users can now order prescription medications via Alexa

Amazon has upgraded its Alexa device, allowing customers to now verbally order their prescription medications via the technology.

Amazon Pharmacy members can simply say “Alexa, refill my medication,” when in need of a refill and Alexa will provide full updates on when the medication will be delivered. 

Customers can also ask Alexa to call Amazon Pharmacy if they need further assistance. 

The option to request refills through Alexa was previously only exclusively available to Giant Eagle Pharmacy customers.

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The ecommerce giant made the announcement in its Alexa monthly round up for November, which also explains how Alexa can now respond to the sounds of water running and appliances beeping. 

For example, if customers want Alexa to detect the beep of their washing machine or similar appliance, they can program a routine for Alexa to send a notification when a cycle is finished, or it has turned off. 

Before the recent update, the device could only recognise sounds such as smoke alarms beeping, snoring, babies crying, glass shattering and dogs barking. 

The news comes as Amazon has recently rolled out Conversation Mode for the third generation Echo Show 10 in the US, with customers opting into the feature by saying “Alexa, join the conversation,” to speak more naturally with Alexa without using a wake word. 

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