Online alcoholic beverage sales to increase by 66% within the next 5 years

Online sales of alcoholic drinks are set to increase by 66 per cent over the next five years, according to a study by drinks market analysts IWSR.

The study was conducted over Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Colombia, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Netherlands, Nigeria, South Africa, Spain, the UK and the US.

The results concluded that alcoholic drinks sales increased by around 12 per cent in those countries throughout 2019, however that figure climbed to nearly 43 per cent during the lockdowns of 2020.

IWSR believes that by 2025, ecommerce will account for around six per cent of all volume sales of alcoholic drinks, up from two per cent 2018.

The market in those 16 countries alone should be valued at more than $42 billion in 2025, which will represent a 66 per cent increase on last year’s numbers.

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The study also concluded that online business models for alcohol sales are becoming a lot more diverse, which has prompted shoppers to shift between retailers and channels according to their needs at specific times.

The news will be welcomed by the growing number of startups that have taken advantage of lockdowns to provide alcohol delivery, including Wineapp.

“Given the pandemic and overall changing consumer shopping behaviour, it’s certainly not surprising that alcohol ecommerce is growing very quickly,” IWSR market analyst Guy Wolfe said.

“But what’s interesting is to see the significant variations that have developed both across and within markets in how different consumer groups shop via ecommerce and what their priorities are.

“Ecommerce has clearly become engrained for many consumers, cementing its place as the third sales channel for beverage alcohol purchase.”

IWSR revealed that around one-quarter of alcohol drinkers across the globe now report buying alcohol online.

China has the highest proportion of online shoppers among all alcoholic drink buyers, at nearly 60 per cent, and the US has the highest proportion of online buyers who made their first purchase during the pandemic (54 per cent).

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