Royal Mail CEO makes urgent plea for lease vans to deal with demand

Royal Mail chief executive officer Simon Thompson has made an urgent plea for leased vans, to help meet demand for the growing volumes of parcels coming through the network.

Thompson released an internal video to all employees in which he stated: “Hi team, sorry to get you so late on a Friday evening but I wanted to share something with you about delivery vans.

“I don’t think we’ve got this right, I think you’re short.

“And I’ve been hearing the feedback now for too long and it’s now time to act.

“So what we’re going to do from Monday morning is we’re going to make sure that you – at a local level in all of the delivery offices – can decide exactly what you want, and you can go and source what you want locally.”

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The carrier currently has the largest van delivery fleet in the UK, including 40,000 red liveried vans.

Royal Mail staff will now source more local vehicles to lease, to help meet the surge in demand over the festive period.

Thompson added, “You are going to decide what you need – you are going to be able to source them locally and we’re going to give you a process that’s super easy.

“So team, that, I believe will help ensure that we can deliver a really great Christmas for our customers.”

Charged has contacted Royal Mail for comment.

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  • What a refreshing attitude. Simon deserves praise for accepting their error, and then putting the solution to the local level and giving them the responsibility to solve it.

  • So vehicle procurement in RMG has failed then.


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