“Amazon outage proves we need better tech for Christmas”, expert claims

Amazon’s AWS outage proves that we need better tech for the festive period, Sectigo chief technology officer Nick France says.

The outage has caused havoc for online shoppers and retailers alike, as any system requiring a computer was knocked out.

The outage occurred on Tuesday and prompted business operations to grind to a halt at a number of Amazon warehouses.

This has led to stalled package deliveries and delivery trucks waiting in distribution areas for hours.

“My DSP has 20 drivers sitting in the parking lot, in the cold, just waiting. Our warehouse can’t scan or bag so we have to wait for them to even do that part. Let us go home, before we all catch pneumonia and really can’t drive,” One Amazon logistics manager told Business Insider.

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Amazon posted in an update at 5:04 p.m. ET Tuesday saying: “We still do not have an ETA for full recovery at this time.”

France believes that retailers must be better prepared to handle large loads in traffic.

He added: “To handle the enormous spike in traffic during these busy times, online retailers need to deploy additional servers and systems.

“This means an increase in the number of digital certificates – web ‘passports’ that verify their website identity to their customers.

“If an online store website’s ‘passport’ was allowed to expire, it could lose significant amounts of revenue. An outage on this scale would lock shoppers out, and cause an avalanche of financial, regulatory, and compliance issues for retailers.

“Additionally, stolen or compromised certificates could let the bad guys impersonate the website and cause much more damage.”

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