PrettyLittleThing launches NFT collection

PrettyLittleThing has launched an NFT collection in partnership with Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC).

The fast-fashion label announced on its social media that it had “aped”, displaying a picture of the token which shows an ape wearing a black shirt that spells the brand name and signature unicorn branding in the background.

The collection is limited to 10,000 “apes” that were generated using a computer merging individual attributes including background colour and mouth-shape which were designed by artists.

The partnership will allow anyone who purchases one of the tokens will have ownership of the IP, therefore any likeness of the ape can be licensed to other businesses creating a recurring income stream for the owner.

The brand also says that by buying an NFT you gain “membership to a swamp club for apes”.

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BAYC has previously worked with Adidas to produce a similar collection as part of its quest into the “Adi-verse”.

There is a growing number of brands that are seeking to offer more digital offerings and explore the possibilities of non-fungible tokens.

Department store Harvey Nichols this week announced it was launching an NFT competition by offering customers the chance to win a token through a partnership with RTFKT Studios.

The NFTs are avatar created in partnership with RTFKT Studios’ Clone X Project and also include designs by renowned Japanese contemporary artist, Takashi Murakami.

The collection contains 20,000 avatars, with one up for grabs by a Harvey Nichols shopper.

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