The Very Group’s new automated fulfilment facility will now process orders in 30 minutes

The Very Group has revealed its partnership with advanced automated technology company, Knapp, will now fulfil customer orders in just 30 minutes at its Skygate, East Midlands distribution centre.

The automated picking, sortation and packaging technology from Knapp means that orders can be ready for dispatch within 30 minutes, compared to around four hours at Very’s previous fulfilment centres.

Launched on the day the UK went into its first lockdown caused by the Covid-19 pandemic in March 2020, according to Knapp, the 850,000-square-foot facility has secured a number of benefits for the online retailer and its customers.

This includes greater product availability, faster refunds and enhanced ability to handle peak trading periods.

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“A fast, seamless fulfilment operation is vital for great customer experience, and that’s what we focused on when developing Skygate’s highly automated technology,”  The Very Group chief operating officer Phil Hackney said.

“Throughout the pandemic, that technology has helped us to manage huge volumes of orders. It also enabled us to bring all of our clothing and footwear returns under one roof for the first time and means we’re well positioned for future growth.”

With Skygate responsible for the fulfilment of 95% of the froup’s customer orders, Knapp worked closely with Very to ensure that the automation would be able to handle “peak volumes with the required speed and accuracy”.

The news comes as “record-breaking” Christmas and Black Friday trading in 2020 was announced by the group.

Sales for increased by over 25% year-on-year in the seven weeks to Christmas 2020, with Skygate processing 3.9 million orders during this period, peaking at 265 orders per minute.

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  • What about all them people that you made redundant that worked hard to get this company ware it is to day
    Then moved away from you roots all them values you had ment nouthing for them people that last there jobs


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