Shoppers crave in-store technology that mimics their online experience, report reveals

Shoppers crave the streamlined online experiences that they enjoy online when shopping in-store, according to a new report from Bazaarvoice.

When consumers were asked what technologies they would like to see integrated into their in-store experience, 32% said virtual displays showing other customers’ reviews, photos and videos, 35% said QR codes that can be scanned to read reviews and 30% said in-store star ratings based on customer feedback.

Approximately a third of retailers revealed those were the types of technologies they planned to integrate into their ins-tore experiences.

In addition, 60% of consumers want to see UGC on brand websites and social channels, while a third want them displayed virtually in-store. In terms of the kind of content consumers find the most influential, 49% said written reviews from fellow shoppers and 29% said photo or video content respectively.

Bazaarvoice also revealed that 53% of retailers also ranked written reviews and 37% ranked photo and video content as the most influential elements of their advertising. Both consumers and retailers ranked celebrity endorsements as the least influential.

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“Consumers have shifted their attention to the ease and convenience of online, putting increasing pressure on brands and retailers to create the most innovative shopping experiences”, Bazaarvoice senior vice president EMEA Ed Hill said.

“Consumers are now used to discovering, purchasing, and advocating for products all within the eCommerce experience. To be enticed in-store, consumers need to have the same access to peer-to-peer content that eCommerce has rightly made them accustomed to, creating an in-store experience that matches the one they already enjoy online.

“Expectations are high and user-generated content has become as integral to the business success of brands and retailers just as much as a website or physical storefront.” Hill concludes.

Unilever executive vice president digital transformation and digital business Rahul Welde added: “At Unilever, ‘content that converts’ is a critical part of our approach,”

“The voices of shoppers come out loud and clear in this Bazaarvoice research. They value and demand peer-to-peer insights along with their shopping experience, online or in-store. The research provides substantive validation in the value of user-generated content for retailers and brands alike and serves as a powerful blueprint for actions.”



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