UniDays launches home screen widget for iOS15

Unidays has announced the creation of its own home screen widget for IOS 15, available to both student and graduate members in all iOS app regions, more than 17 million globally.

The move comes as a recent Deloitte survey revealed that 43% of those aged 18-24 are using iPhones and after the latest Apple iOS update saw the addition of more widget functionality, Unidays were “quick to react” with the creation of their own widget offering.

Widgets are similar to apps in that they sit on a device’s home screen, but unlike apps, they offer information at a glance – similar to the clock or weather app, or calendar reminders. Widgets were introduced with the iOS14 update and have continued to evolve in the latest iOS15 update to include branded widgets.

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Unidays members can now create a widget on their home screens to access limited time only benefits (LTO), defined as a “perk, offer or giveaway which has gone live in the last 30 days and expires shortly thereafter.” These are collected and pushed into a feed for the widget, which ensures Unidays are “always showing the hottest content” to members, so they open it and engage with the company more often.

At any given time, the widget has access to up to 8 LTO benefits that can be displayed to the user, which are selected at random in 15 minute rotation cycles. The widget will be updated every hour with a new batch of LTOs to keep the content as fresh as possible.

“Widgets were added to the iOS system update in 2020, and this September’s iOS15 update saw Apple doubling down on them being a core part of the iPhone user experience. We decided then that it was time we took advantage of this software feature, by offering our own widget to the millions of iOS Members,” Unidays product manager Arber Pllana said.

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