Walmart to double down on its home grocery delivery service

Walmart is hiring a further 3,000 delivery drivers as it seeks to expand its InHome Delivery service.

Specially trained employees will be given the task of entering shoppers’ homes before placing groceries in the fridge, while wearing body cameras. They can also pick up Walmart returns.

“The goal’s been around expanding the service now that we know we’ve got it really well tuned,” Walmart senior vice president of last-mile delivery Tom Ward told Business Insider.

Walmart initially launched the service in 2019 and initially focussed on Kansas City, Pittsburgh, and Vero Beach, Florida.

The service comes in at $19.95 a month, or $148 annually and is currently available to around six million households through the retailer’s app.

Walmart hasn’t revealed how many customers are actually subscribed to the program.

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The service will arrive in cities including  Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston, Dallas, Nashville, and Indianapolis and Walmart expands the potential pool of customers to around 30 million by the end of the year.

In order to fulfil this goal, the company is hoping to hire 3,000 delivery delivery drives through internal promotion and external recruitment drives.

Ward said that the employees are trained through traditional classroom sessions and virtual reality modules that cover each step of a potential delivery scenario.

Drivers are also required to wear masks before undergoing pre-shift health checks.

In a bid to offset the supply chain and staffing difficulties, the grocery giant is offering any potential InHome delivery candidates $1.50 more an hour than the average store role, including health benefits.

“The app notifies the customer each step of the way,” Ward added.

“Customers can actually watch that for up to seven days after the delivery’s been completed.”

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