Online meal planning app Lollipop ties up with Sainsbury’s for launch

Online meal planning and shopping platform Lollipop has tied up with leading grocer Sainsbury’s.

Lollipop was founded by the former chief operating officer of leading fintech bank Monzo Tom Foster-Carter and allows users to write weekly meal plans from thousands of recipes and automatically generates their shopping lists at major supermarkets.

The platform currently allows meal plans to be created based on dietary requirements and other user preferences, with ingredients ordered directly from Sainsbury’s online catalogue of products.

Lollipop users are also given the ability to select Sainsbury’s online delivery slots directly in-app.

The generated online plan can also be topped up manually with any other items that users wish to add.

Currently, only customers that signed up to a waiting list for the service able to use it, however there is expected to be a wider rollout soon.

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Lollipop is free to use and does not mark up any of the products for its service but it did say it planned to introduce premium features for paying users however the core product will always be free of charge.

Those early adopters now using the platform have been promised free premium accounts “for life”.

The recipes offered on the app are a combination of unique recipes curated by the platform’s expert chefs and nutritionists meanwhile there will be others taken from BBC Good Food.

User-generated recipes will also soon feature to increase the social aspect of the app.

Lollipop has said it plans to introduce every major supermarket to its platform and give users the chance to pick their chosen supermarket up front whilst setting up the app.

From a retailer’s perspective, all orders go through their own ecommerce platforms with a full view of the customer, however Lollipop will handle the integration of the online propositions in the app, taking a “modest cut” on each order.

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