Weird Fish introduces online metrics to enhance eco transparency

Weird Fish has introduced environmental impact metrics to specific products on its website to increase eco transparency. The metrics were created in partnership with sustainability platform Green Story.

The information has been added to product descriptions, enabling customers to see Weird Fish’s positive impact on the environment, such as how much has been saved in car emissions, drinking water, lightbulb energy and land pesticide usage as a result of a product being switched from regular to organic cotton.

For instance, the clothing brand has included information on one product, stating: “Did you know that buying a certified organic cotton T-shirt saves a huge 2,457 litres of water over your regular, not so good for the planet, cotton T-shirt? That is enough for one person to drink their recommended eight glasses of water a day for three and a half years! That stat makes us thirsty for more knowledge.”

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The metrics can be viewed across the retailers organic cotton range and Weird Fish have said they intend to roll out the initiative across its bamboo, linen and recycled polyester ranges in the future.

“Customer transparency is key in every sustainability journey, particularly as greenwashing continues to be an ongoing issue. We’ve always been honest with customers about not being a 100% sustainable brand – instead, we highlight our initiatives to help us reach realistic targets each year,” Weird Fish managing director John Stockton said in a statement.

“For instance, we’re working towards making 55 percent of our ranges more sustainable by the end of 2021 and by 2026, our target is to increase that figure to 90 percent. Our metrics are in place to help inspire greener shopping habits and get more people on board with our more sustainable ranges.”

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