55% of crypto owners would rather get paid their salary in cryptocurrency

Around 55% of crypto owners would rather get paid their salary in cryptocurrency, as people see the digital currency as a smart investment which offers greater financial flexibility, according to a new report from Paysafe.

Some 54% of crypto owners agree that cryptocurrency is the future of finance and will take over as the dominant form of international currency. However, the report suggests that this conclusion has come through careful consideration and crypto owners have had concerns along the way.

In fact, 70% of people admitted to having doubts about investing in crypto at some point since they started trading, with 49% of all crypto owners having cashed out some or all of their cryptocurrency assets at some point as a result.

According to crypto owners, wider payment options hold the key to mass crypto adoption, with 24% saying the top reason for not wanting to be paid in cryptocurrency is because it is not yet a widely accepted method of payment.

Additionally, 22% said they would invest more in the currency if more retailers accepted it and 17% said their investment would increase if more countries accepted the payment.

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Overall, 59% agree that the lack of real-world applications for cryptocurrencies, such as payments, is currently preventing crypto from reaching its full potential.

However, crypto owners remain optimistic, with 60% believing you will be able to use the currency to make online purchases with more online retailers this time next year.

A further 47% agree that accepting cryptocurrencies in physical stores will become commonplace within the next 12 months and 49% believe that everyone will own cryptocurrency within the next five years.

“Interest in defi and the metaverse has reached a whole new level recently and, with that, positive sentiment towards cryptocurrencies continues to increase,” Paysafe chief executive officer digital wallets Chirag Patel said.

“However, it’s clear that many people are still crying out for more practical use cases to bring crypto into the real world – in particular, being able to use it as a payment method, and this is something we are committed to driving at Paysafe. People can interact with cryptocurrencies through our digital wallets, Skrill and NETELLER, whether that’s for the very first time or as a more seasoned investor.”

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