Imagr appoints Peter Høgsted as new chief commercial officer

Imagr has announced the appointment of Peter Høgsted as its new chief commercial officer, who will spearhead the commercial arm of the company.

Peter previously spent seven years as chief executive officer of Coop Denmark, leading a major digital transformation in the company and establishing Coop as a responsible grocery retailer.

Prior to Coop, Høgsted has worked as chief executive officer at Kingfisher in the UK, where he led  international business for Russia, China, Poland and Turkey. He was also ceo at IKEA Denmark, where he sat on the international executive board responsible for the UK, Ireland, Czech, Slovakia, Poland and Hungary.

“Peter’s track record speaks for itself. He’s led some of the world’s biggest retail brands, driving growth, change and innovation. We are thrilled to have him join,” said Imagr chief executive officer William Chomley.

“Peter has deep roots in retail innovation that are invaluable to Imagr at this important stage of growth. He understands how retailers operate and sees the huge opportunity that Imagr presents to streamline operations and change how the world shops.”

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Høgsted added: “I have always been intrigued by change, new ideas and new ways of working. In my previous roles I have tried to inspire and to lead for change for the better – for a better tomorrow. Now I have been given a new opportunity to learn, to be curious and to be part of transforming an industry.”

Initially attracted to Imagr’s approach to checkout automation, Høgsted revealed that was “what really sold me on joining the business”.

He continued: “Imagr gives retailers access to valuable insights and data, in real-time, across their stores. This information will allow them to give their shoppers the best customer experience.

“Autonomous checkout is one of the most exciting advances in the retail market. I have participated in the industry as it has gradually changed to embrace digital technology and I know it’s now ready for the next evolution.”

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