Nike is reportedly set to fire a number of unvaccinated workers

Nike is reportedly set to fire a number of its unvaccinated corporate workers over the coming days, according to Oregon Live.

The sportswear giant reportedly sent an email to impacted workers this week informing them that they will be sacked on Saturday if they fail to get vaccinated in time.

“You failed to complete the verification process and our records show that you do not have an approved (exemption),” the email wrote.

“As a result, you are not in compliance with the Policy and your employment is scheduled to be terminated on Saturday, January 15, 2022.”

Two of the affected employees told the Oregon-based news publication that some of the workers had decided to not get inoculated because they disagreed to corporate mandates, others have refused for religious beliefs.

Nike‘s vaccine mandate was introduced in October and required all corporate workers to be fully vaccinated against Covid-19 in preparation for its office reopening this month.

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However it delayed the reopening of the corporate offices due to a rise in Covid cases in the US as it recorded a record 1.35 million new cases.

“The Omicron variant is indeed highly contagious, with more data and time needed to determine what impact Omicron will have on our public health systems,” Nike chief human resources officer Monique Matheson.

“Experts are predicting case levels to surge in the coming weeks, which coincides with our planned return to our workplaces.”

Nike is among a group of private companies that are independently choosing to introduce vaccine mandates for workers.

Any company that has over 100 workers may have to be required to do the same if president Biden’s administration pushes through his vaccine-or-test mandate.

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