Gopuff launches its own private label products

Gopuff has launched its own brand of products under the banner of “Basically,” starting with bottled water.

The firm, which has enjoyed significant successes in the US and now more recently in the UK, will follow up its bottled water with its own cleaning products, batteries, paper products and food storage.

A line of snacks will also come in under the Basically range in the coming weeks with Gopuff aiming to launch four private label brands and over 100 products by the end of this year.

More and more companies are moving to private label goods, as Amazon has done for its ‘By Amazon’ range of products which it sells throughout its Amazon Fresh grocery arm.

The private label sector was worth $159 billion in 2020, according to the Private Label Manufacturer Association.

The move from Gopuff to launch its private label products comes as part of a clear and obvious strategy to set themselves aside from their rivals that have dominated the sector so far.

Alongside the new range of items, Gopuff also owns, operates and stocks its own micro-fulfilment centres with full-time employees, differing from the usual model where companies act as the middlemen and connect customers to drivers and retailers.

According the firm itself, 30% of Americans are within a mile and a half of a Gopuff fulfilment centre.

It also operates around 70 kitchens which prepare food from the company’s own recipes as well as restaurant partners’.

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Gopuff was a latecomer to the UK rapid grocery delivery sector, with the already-established companies such as Gorillas and Getir having the lion share of business.

However it has performed well, acquiring both Fancy and Dija in the process.

“Our goal was always to be the world’s go-to solution for everyday needs, and making Gopuff available in the UK is just the start of our international expansion,” the company’s co-founder and co-chief executive Rafael IIishayev said back in November.

“The well-established relationships, expertise, and infrastructure Fancy and Dija provide us, along with strong local ties in all the communities we’re now operating in, will be invaluable.

“We aim to be the leader in bringing our British customers fast and affordable delivery of our diverse assortment of products.”

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