Amazon to work with charities to supply needy families with toiletries and clothing

Amazon is working with a number of national charities to supply thousands of families with goods ranging from clothing to toiletries.

So far, the ecommerce giant has donated around 10,000 items to the Cottage Family Centre for the Big House Fife Project which is being run in association with other Fife charities, one of which being chaired by former prime minister Gordon Brown.

Items are ranging from toilet roll, nappies, wipes and toiletries to clothing, backpacks, home furnishings, lightings and electrical products.

Charities are able to make referrals on behalf of needy families who are in need of the goods being donated.

These orders are then process by the Amazon project team and made available for collection by the charities.

The Cottage Family Centre, based in Kirkcaldy, supports some of the most vulnerable children and families in the town and surrounding areas.

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“This is the biggest charitable anti-poverty project I have seen in Fife in decades, and I am already seeing a difference in people’s lives,” Gordon Brown said.

“Our objective is to provide a regular supply of vital household goods to help ease poverty in Fife at a time when, with fuel and food bills rising, people are under more pressure than ever. We estimate that over 13,000 families could be helped in the first year.

“Communities are at their best when they are working together to make sure everyone is supported.

“I would like to thank Amazon, the Cottage Family Centre, the coalition of charity partners and the many people working on this project who have created a successful and scalable model which directly reaches those most in need across Fife by donating and delivering thousands of products to them.”

The Co-o have also offered to help supply the goods to the thousands of families in need.

Amazon has also offered a £150,000 grant along with its logistics experience to help create a new project site in Lochnelly, Fife which will work with the coalition of charity partners.

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