Prada to release first NFT partnership with Adidas

Prada has announced its first NFT collection with sportswear brand Adidas, a crowd-sourced artwork collage.

Starting from 24 January, anyone is able to register to submit a photograph using a specially-designed filter that is then manipulated, scrambled and 40% reduced so it can be anonymised.

The collage will be made up of three thousand individual photographs that will be selected by a raffle and minted by Adidas as unique, free NFTs.

The individual who submitted the artwork will remain the owner, able to sell their NFT on the secondary market.

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All of the selected images will then be combined as tiles into one mass patchwork NFT, designed by digital artist and creative coder Zach Lieberman.

The one-off NFT will be auctioned on the digital art marketplace SuperRare and displayed as a large installation in Prada and Adidas flagship stores.

Adidas has already released an NFT collection with popular brand Bored Ape Yacht Club and NFT influencer Gmoney.
Past collections have usually had a top-down approach from brands however this involves giving up control to the users, an approach which is yet to be explored by many retailers or companies.
“As an artist, you think about different ways to make something permanent, and it’s really magical to think the work we make together through this project will be permanently recorded,” Lieberman said.

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