Nespresso unveils experiential store with AR at Trinity Leeds

Nespresso has launched a new experiential store at the Trinity Leeds shopping centre, as the company continues to elevate its retail approach.

The concept is designed to meet shoppers’ changing needs and preferences by offering “immersive, localised and personalised experiences, exploring the artistry behind some of the world’s finest coffees”.

The store includes an interactive ‘Taste and Discover’ area, where customers can explore and create their own coffee recipes using iPad tutorials and Nespresso machines. The ‘Coffee as Art’ masterclass area also enables shoppers to learn about recipe creation, with coffee specialists on-hand to assist shoppers.

The shop has also embraced interactive technology, featuring augmented reality (AR) experiences, where shoppers can learn the heritage behind Nespresso coffees and understand how its capsules are recycled.

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“We strongly believe in the relevance of retail and recognise the important role that our boutiques play in delivering an elevated customer experience, working in tandem with other channels such as online,” said Nespresso UK and Ireland managing director Guillaume Chesneau.

“Our evolved boutique concept at Trinity Leeds will enable our customers to learn more about Nespresso blends, recipes, brewing methods and our commitment to sustainability.

“The new boutique offers sensorial excitement, excellent customer service and inspiring conversations with our coffee specialists, through immersive and personalised experiences that take coffee exploration further than ever before.”

Trinity Leeds centre director David Maddison added: “With such a unique customer experience – from augmented reality and demonstrations to masterclasses and more – we’re sure the new boutique will prove a big hit with shoppers, further strengthening the fantastic offering here at Trinity Leeds.”

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