Wish becomes an invite-only platform for new sellers

Online marketplace Wish has introduced a new invite-only selection process, meaning sellers must pass a multi-step qualification process before being allowed to sell on the platform.

It is thought the new invite-only process has ben implemented to help the platform focus on merchants who can provide a high standard of service to customers. The process will replace the previous open merchant account sign-up process.

Current sellers on the platform will not have to go through the new onboarding process, which Wish says is not intended to create a barrier for sellers, but ensure the marketplace is a safe and trustworthy space for consumers and brands.

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“Our overall goal is to create a fun environment for users to shop for quality products online, and this starts at the moment of merchant sign-up,” revealed Wish vice president of product and merchants and logistics Mauricio Monico.

“The addition of an ‘invite-only’ sign-up experience will go a long way as we focus on partnering with higher-quality merchants. It’s just one of many features we will be rolling out this year to improve the user experience on Wish.”

The Wish team will review and evaluate each request, considering several attributes such as product categories, channel partnerships, and ecommerce performance history.

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