adds accessibility toolbar for inclusive shopping


Boots is the first UK retailer to provide an inclusive online shopping experience as adds a new accessibility toolbar for its digital audience.

The health and beauty retail giant has partnered with Recite Me to introduce the technology onto its main online store, leading the way for inclusivity and customisation across its online retail offering.

The accessibility toolbar – which can be seen at the top of the homepage – will allow the ecommerce website’s 37 million monthly visitors to adapt the site to suit their individual needs. Options  include screen reading, multiple reading aids, customisation options, text-to-speech and on-demand live translation into over 100 languages.

More than 13 million people in the UK currently experience barriers which make harder for them to shop online. The new technology has been designed to help more customers “navigate and enjoy [the] site in the way that works best for them”.

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The interactive accessibility tools can, for example, assist customers with visual impairments by adapting the font size, isolating sentences and changing the colour of the page. Using these features allows users to control how they view and interact with content to meet their individual needs.

“The new tools help us move toward our ambition of making Boots accessible to all,” explained VP and director of, Paula Bobbett.

“As the first retailer in the UK to add these accessibility tools to our online store we are proud to be paving the way for accessibility in online shopping. We hope that other businesses will follow suit to support those customers who struggle to shop online.”

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