Domino’s taps what3words for efficient deliveries

Domino’s Pizza has tied up with location identification service what3words to ensure that it minimises delivery disruptions.

What3words has divided the entire planet into a grid of 3m x 3m squares, each one given a unique combination of three words.

The service has been piloted in Domino’s franchises in the UK, North America and Saudi Arabia.

“Wherever you live, hot pizza is so much better than cold pizza because the driver got lost finding your door,” what3words co-founder and chief executive Chris Sheldrick said.

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“It’s really important that customers receive their order in good time, and drivers should be able to navigate to their destination with ease.

“We’re so excited to globally roll-out what3words to Domino’s international franchisees and customers.”

The partnership news comes after the pizza delivery company said it would tip customers in the US $3 for coming to collect their own orders rather than utilise its courier service or a third-party.

Domino’s chief marketing officer Art D’Elia said: “It takes skill to get pizza from a Domino’s store to your door.

“As a reward, we are giving a $3 tip to online carry out customers who take the time and energy out of their day to act as their own delivery drivers. After all, we think they deserve it.”

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