Hermes UK reveals 73% of consumers want more sustainable deliveries


Almost three-quarters (73%) of consumers expect delivery companies to operate in an environmentally sustainable way, according to new research by Hermes UK.

The report reveals that 46% prefer to shop from online stores with better climate credentials, while 35% wonder about the sustainability of supply chains.

In addition, 59% are unsure as to how to make their online ordering and returns process more environmentally friendly.

“We know that sustainability is a priority when shopping online and that the delivery is one of the customer concerns,” said Hermes UK head of environmental, social and governance Nancy Hobhouse.

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“The pandemic changed the way we shop, and the shift to online shopping looks set to stay.

As a responsible carrier Hermes says it “recognises its impact on the environment” and the role it has to play in being as sustainable as possible.

“We’ve invested in our fleet to have vehicles running on greener fuels at every stage of delivery, and we’re committed to trialling innovative low carbon ways to deliver parcels – such as by eCargo bike or pedestrian couriers,” Hobhouse continued.

“However, we know that there’s more to do, and we will continue to innovate as part of our wider commitment to sustainability and ethics.”

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