Etsy waives $4 million in fees owed by Ukrainian sellers

Etsy is waiving all fees owed by Ukrainian sellers, a sum of approximately $4 million, amid Russia’s ongoing invasion of the country.

The balances being written off include listing fees, transaction fees, advertising fees and more.

The online marketplace says it is committed to “creating opportunities and offering assistance in times of distress or injustice” and the move is a reflection of that pledge.

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In a blog post, Etsy chief executive officer Josh Silverman said the company has also reached out to sellers in the region to ensure they know how to access help with their accounts or temporarily place their shops on hold.

Silverman hopes the move will alleviate some of the burden on those affected by the conflict.

“To the Etsy team, thank you for coming together to support these sellers during such an uncertain time,” he said.

“And to anyone in our community impacted by this conflict, your safety and wellbeing remain in our thoughts.”

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