eBay to remove items supporting Vladimir Putin

Ebay will remove items that express support for Vladimir Putin amid the Ukrainian invasion, the company has said.

Trina Somera, a spokesperson for the marketplace, told Insider that the company has a “strict policy against items that promote or glorify hatred or violence.”

As such; “merchandise that may indicate support for Vladimir Putin is prohibited on eBay.”

Somera added that the new policy will not block the sale of “historical or education-related books and materials.”

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Insider reports that as of Tuesday morning, the top listings for ‘Putin’ were mostly items that either expressed opposition to the Russian leader or support for Ukraine.

However, some merchandise that appears to go against the new policy, such as a calendar depicting the Russian president as ‘peacemaker,’ were still listed on the first page of search results.

The news comes as several major brands have announced they are suspending Russian sales, including Apple, Paypal and Boohoo.

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