Oxfam gets eBay boost with major marketplace update

Oxfam has boosted its online focus by streamlining its operations across online marketplaces including eBay, Shopify, Etsy and ShipEngine.

The new fully integrated software will help Oxfam centralise its activity across the ecommerce marketplaces and grow online sales by reaching a wider audience, selling items faster and at a higher price.

Created by Shopiago, the ecommerce platform will also allow Oxfam’s shop and warehouse teams to list donations online, track stock movements and manage warehouse space across all online marketplaces, helping them maximise the potential from every donation.

Up-to-the minute data will also allow store managers to ensure Gift Aid is claimed on eligible items, raising additional income for the charity’s work.

Having a single presence in each marketplace will also allow the charity to build up its feedback profile and maintain relationships with existing customers.

The trial will begin in Oxfam’s two major processing centres in April and some shops in May.

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“We know that donated items reach a wider audience and generally get a higher price when they’re sold online, and our partnership with Shopiago forms a key part of our new retail strategy,” said Oxfam GB’s head of ecommerce and retail innovation Andy Ostcliffe.

“We need to be where existing and potential customers are, and that’s online.”

“Oxfam has operated a successful ecommerce operation for a number of years, offering customers second-hand gems alongside brand new Sourced by Oxfam products on our dedicated online shop,” said Ostcliffe.

“We’re excited to build our business by entering other marketplaces and reaching a wider audience.”

Thom Bryan, head of product at Shopiago, said: “Oxfam has always been a leader in innovation when it comes to selling online and there has never been a more exciting time for innovation in the third sector.”

“Our partnership with Oxfam will continue to inspire further development and innovation in the sector with other charities looking to Oxfam as a guiding light. It is a great privilege to not only support Oxfam in helping to fund their vital work, but also to enable more reuse and less landfill.”

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