Hermes UK announces full rebrand to ‘Evri’

Hermes UK is rebranding as ‘Evri’ with a new logo and brand identity that will be rolled out across all its locations, vehicles and ParcelShops.

The new brand will also see a significant investment in its customer service, as it undergoes a company-wide revamp.

In addition, Evri will be opening a fully UK-based customer service team and adding 200 experts who will be based in local depots, closer to where potential issues are.

The delivery company will also be upgrading its chatbot feature and releasing more phone lines for customers who prefer to speak directly to someone.

The company has said it remains committed to reducing its impact on the planet and promoting equality and fairness. This will include continuing to grow its use of alternative fuels and building initiatives which have resulted in it using 100% renewable electricity across all its operations.

It will also continue its journey to net zero target for direct and indirect emissions for 2035.

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One of the first major announcements under the new brand is that the company will be auto enrolling all of its self-employed plus (SE+) couriers into a pension by the end of this year.

The move is a logistics industry first and represents a £7m plus investment each year in the earnings security of its couriers.

In addition, following discussions with a GMB Union, Hermes UK, now Evri, will also be introducing the right to maternity and paternity leave for all SE+ couriers, with effect from March 2022.

“Our new brand has been developed with the people who are important to us – our customers, employees, couriers and partners,” Evri (formerly Hermes UK) chief executive Martijn de Lange said.

“It reflects the ongoing journey we are on and the fact that we have listened and are continuing to change and adapt.”

“The demand for on-line shopping is here to stay and we have experienced two years of dramatic growth which has resulted in our entire business going through a major transformation programme to ensure we can continue to be able to meet the needs of ‘Evri’ customer.”

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  • Rachael Bates
    March 18, 2022 9:46 am

    This company is an utter disgrace. It is literally impossible to speak to a human being !!!! Absolutely disgusting! Parcel never showed delivered and was insured but as there is no way to contact anyone you can’t make a claim. Its fraudulent and I will be contacting the ombudsman regarding theft and fraud as I am unable to claim for the loss.

  • The name may have changed but the service is still deplorable. My parcels get left anywhere but my home address. I laugh when I see the pictures they take of the parcels left at somebody’s door, not apparently mine.

  • Let’s hope workers get treated better and get paid for picking up and sorting out parcels before delivering.

  • Nicki Wilson
    March 23, 2022 4:15 pm

    EVRI is a good name as ‘EVRI time they deliver to wrong address or not at all
    I can’t believe such a dreadful company is actually allowed to function!!
    We must all ask the companies we order from if they use EVRI and if it’s a yes then they will lose our order

  • R. Hunt-Terry
    April 22, 2022 10:13 am

    They obviously know the company has a terrible reputation and offers a crap service , that`s why you can`t contact them by phone and speak to an actual HUMAN !!!!….
    As for the name change do they think people will flock to use them again because they have a different name , lol , ??

  • Trisha Forman
    August 7, 2022 8:54 pm

    Absolutely terrible service. I’m no longer going to order from suppliers who use Evri.


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