Mobile overtakes email as preferred comms channel during buying journeys

Mobile has overtaken email as consumers preferred communications channel during buying journeys, data from MoEngage has revealed.

The shift has been attributed to the pandemic-fuelled ecommerce boom and a rise in omnichannel retail approaches.

MoEngage‘s original research of 1,000 shoppers shows that pre-pandemic, a third (32%) of consumers ranked email as their preferred way to communicate with retailers and brands.

However, since the pandemic has eased, only 20% now cite email communications as their preferred engagement method, compared to 22% who said mobile was their top choice, rising +9 percentage points higher than compared to pre-covid levels.

Brand engagement demand via social platforms has also increased by 5% compared to pre-pandemic levels, with 19% of consumers now saying that social media interaction was their preferred medium to communicate with brands.

Retail analyst Gartner estimates that smartphone sales rose by 11% globally last year, with mobile commerce sales expected to reach in excess of £92.17billion next year as a result.

Social commerce to grow three times as fast as traditional commerce by 2025, representing a $1.2billion opportunity to retailers, according to Accenture.

“Often shoppers want to receive communications via the same channels through which they purchase,” MoEngage UK vice president Jason Smith explained.

“Often shoppers want to receive communications via the same channels through which they purchase. As revenues from mcommerce and scommerce increase, we anticipate a ‘levelling up’ when it comes to the channel engagement mix, with mobile and social brand interactions becoming more widely adopted – and expected – in line with elevated demand.

“But that doesn’t mean retailers should write off email – it remains an integral part of omnichannel customer engagement strategies, especially as shopping journeys become even more blended, across a greater mix of multiple-channel touchpoints.

“Shoppers want the right message, delivered to them at the right time, and on the right channel. “

“And while that premise may seem straightforward enough in principle, it’s nigh on impossible in practice without a true single customer view.

“Only by joining the dots through real-time, data-led insights can retailers build this 360-degree view of the shopper, which is key to delivering and scaling engagement to grow customer retention, lifetime value and loyalty.”

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