Brand loyalty makes way for convenience, according to new research

Convenience has overtaken brand loyalty when it comes to consumer demands, according to research by Wavemaker UK.

Wavemaker’s “The Need It Now Revolution” report charts the rise of rapid grocery delivery services such as Getir, Gorillas and Jiffy, and looks at how consumers’ usage of these services is changing their behaviours and expectations of brands.

The rise of the on-demand grocery sector has transformed the traditional food shop into a service which is more akin to streaming music or video.

The sector only comprises of a small 9% of the delivery landscape, however half of UK consumers expect to use them more in the next 12 months. Google search volume for ‘quick grocery delivery’ has also jumped 243% year-on-year.

The findings of the report saw that 52% of users are happy to switch if their brand isn’t available, and an additional 31% end up buying an alternative brand, although they are hesitant to do so.

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Across the board, brand metrics fell off the usual shopping list, with just 13% of shoppers prioritised having ‘premium’ or ‘family-friendly’ brands available, preferring convenience and value factors.

Low delivery charge (44%), easy ordering (34%), and good deals or special offers on products (33%) topped the list, far outweighing the draw of their ‘go-to’ branded products.

For male demographics, convenience tops the list. Whereas female consumers prefer simply filling gaps in the weekly shop as the main driver.

Almost two in five users (31%) have replaced a quick top-up shop with rapid grocery delivery, 41% of women see it as an additional shopping occasion on top of their traditional main and top-up shop.

However, 39% of men are using them to replace a regular weekly grocery shop altogether.

“Considering this sector is only 18 months old, grocery delivery services and the convenience they afford us are well and truly on the rise, and quickly altering the way we shop,” Wavemaker UK head of strategy Monica Majumdar said.

“As one shopper tweeted in our social media listening study, ‘Everyone’s addicted to Wordle, and I’m over here addicted to Getir’.

“As with any fast-moving sector, brands need to keep on top of consumer behaviour and this new breed of ‘need it now’ shopper.”

“If rapid grocery service delivery is more likely to be need-state driven, and therefore product first, brand loyalty isn’t everything in this space.

“Building trust and familiarity for your brand early on will increase your chances of making it into the consumer’s basket in these moments.

“Preparing well to be the brand available when the order is placed is an opportunity to steal shoppers from the safety of their own sofa.”

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