Amazon officially closes all 4-star shops permanently, just months after Westfield opening

Amazon has closed its 4-star store in Westfield Shopping Centre, just 5 months after the shop opened.

The ecommerce giant announced that it would be closing all of its 4-star locations earlier this month, shortly after it had introduced them in the UK.

The closure sees 68 locations across the US and UK shut their doors.

The 4-star shops were set up to sell a range of trending goods that had received a four star or above on Amazon ’s website – including books, games, kitchen items, consumer electronics and toys.

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Amazon will now be focusing its brick-and-mortar efforts on its checkout-free grocery stores.

“Amazon’s announcement has come as a surprise to many, and follows not long after they introduced the concept to the UK,” CACI vice president Dan Parr said.

“The move is most likely based on the fact they couldn’t view their customers in the same way as they can do online, and if they did (through you having the app on your phone), not even their innovation could act quickly enough to get you to engage.

“Amazon is where you go for hyper convenience (a new phone charger by tomorrow morning), hyper specialist (the place to find your cactus compost), and even hyper desire to a lesser extent (last-minute purchase of a Lego Friends Mall as a present).

“They have extremely high conversion rates and a finely honed model, but it’s mostly about necessity over desire, so price and availability drive purchases. An Amazon store simply cannot provide that – stock limitations and inability to flex in real-time means it will not deliver the same experience.”

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